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Interest in moss has grown strongly in recent years. The moss paintings, walls and objects in particular seem to be getting more popular by the day. It has everything to do with our preference for natural materials and the maximum green appearance, with little material and constructive requirements.


Moss is actually a plant like many others. It is a herbaceous plant with stems and leaves. One difference is that mosses do not get their nutrition through roots. Although there are root-like structures on the stems, these are rhizoids. With these rhizoids, the mosses attach themselves to the substrate, a wall, a mat, a cushion or a trunk. There are many types of mosses; some even grow underwater. It is not an easy matter. Reindeer moss is a lichen, and that is, for example, not a moss at all but a fungus.
Mosses reproduce with trace elements. They do best in a moist, shady, slightly acidic environment.


  • Moss is a soft, cuddly plant. Actually no one hates it. Except perhaps in the lawn, but in stone joints the moss is again very attractive.
  • Moss, like all other plants, has chlorophyll. With light (photosynthesis) they convert their energy into oxygen. They thus make a positive contribution to a healthy environment.
  • Moss can hold water well, so they ensure that soil does not dry out and erosion is prevented.
  • In addition to moisture, moss also retains the humus underneath, creating a good microclimate for the germination of seeds and spores.
  • Moss is easy to maintain. If you use moss as a ground cover, you will hardly have any work with it. A moss garden is also a very nice garden to see.
  • Moss is beautiful to look at, there are several types with which beautiful combinations can be made.
  • Moss can be preserved very well, so that it can be stored and reused for a long time in the dried state.


Moss has been used for ‘centuries’ in nativity scenes and flower arrangements. Hence, moss also proved to be easy to dry, so that it could be reused year after year. At most, if the moss became too dry, it crumbled and was less suitable for reuse.
‘Our’ general desire for more greenery inside and outside has ensured that a considerable ‘industry’ has arisen around the production and supply of walls and paintings made of moss. Industry is actually not a good word, because it actually deals with the processing of purely natural material. Selecting, drying, preserving and gluing the moss has become a profession in its own right. Moreover, creating compositions requires a considerable degree of creativity. We feel that Moswensall those qualities in house.


We already said that there are quite a few companies active in the decorative moss world. We at the Gardens of Appeltern find it important that a company is professional. That they know what they are talking about and that they put the interests of their customer above financial gain. Moswens enjoys our confidence in this. They are open in their communication, they have answers to all questions and they make beautiful things. In addition, the company continues to innovate and they are good at customization. Everything is possible. Moss wishworks with reindeer moss, flat moss, bolmoss and mixes. Other plants than mosses are also used, making the walls and paintings even more versatile. Logos and texts can be incorporated and they now have the necessary experience in solving acoustic problems. In short: Moswens fully lives up to its name. A beautiful moss wall creation can be seen in the Gardens of Appeltern. A number of Moswens products are for sale in our webshop.

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