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Why wait for years for your trees and shrubs to grow in size when you can enjoy fully grown large trees and shrubs now. Nowadays they are sold in large numbers, in a wide variety and very responsibly.


In the past, the tree nursery world was not set up and organized to supply larger sizes of trees and shrubs. Deliveries were still somewhat possible for projects with larger numbers, but for the private garden there were simply no options.
Fortunately, the nursery world has changed and several growers have focused more and more on being able to offer large mature trees and shrubs for the private garden in recent decades.
The success of responsible planting primarily has to do with the care and attention at the nursery. The trees and shrubs must be rounded and (back) pruned in time and regularly so that the transplantation can take place without any risks.


It is of course fantastic to guide a tree or shrub as it grows up in your garden and to see it slowly mature. But being able to sit directly in the shade or to be able to eat apples from your own garden the first year is of course also a joy. For example, a mature tree and hedge immediately offer you the much desired privacy. A larger tree or shrub also shows power and energy. Everyone is happy about it. Also the birds, butterflies and bees that are guests. A very understandable argument for opting for a full-sized tree or shrub instead of starting small is that you can no longer muster the patience to grow larger. Especially if you have already had a (long) garden life.


In our opinion, a garden should be as plant-rich as possible, but there are also other elements that require attention. A terrace, a pond, a roof and the garden partitions, they are often quite conspicuous. Every garden element requires a dose of plants in the immediate vicinity to radiate in the desired way.
If you think of a tall bare fence with a few pathetic creepers, a large canopy with a Rhododendron that is too small and a wide pond with a single lily that seems to barely float in the middle, you know it shouldn’t be this way. Such skewed proportions do not make your garden more beautiful. If you immediately start with larger plants and trees, the proportion is restored and the individual (too large) elements do not receive too much attention. Mature plants simply create more balance and immediately create a good garden feeling.


When designing borders and drawing up a planting plan, it is always necessary to choose a few plants or trees that indicate the direction. They are the solitaries around which all other plants adapt. If choices have to be made about the width or height of a border, the solitary is also taken as the starting point. The solitary is indicative of the growth and maintenance of the rest of the planting. It is quite useful to use a larger, more mature shrub or tree at the start of the border layout. This literally sets the tone. It is therefore clear to you and of course to all other plants. In addition, the image in the garden is also immediately attractive. The systematically chosen plantings give an idea of how the proportions are and will remain.Economical with solitaires ”


With a new house, larger trees and shrubs can immediately provide the necessary character. A longer driveway with parking spaces gets body with large trees. A classic building is completed with adult-sized espaliers. Squares of country estates or at home offices suddenly come alive with a few big eye-catchers. The chosen trees and shrubs immediately add to the style of your home. They complete the character you want to radiate with your home. In such a case, the trees are not only chosen in terms of size, but also in terms of shape, color and scent, in line with the atmosphere of the house and the plot on which it is built.


Growing shrubs and trees is serious business. You are often quite a few years on the road for a little size and then as a grower you just need another 10 or 15 years for an optimal result. And all this time, the trees and shrubs must be treated in such a way that they can just as well be sold in the interim. Because that’s how it normally goes. A buyer is looking for a large size fully grown shrub or tree and then visits several nurseries to see which specimen best suits the situation. If a tree is not sold, there is a new chance the following year. We already said that not every nursery wants to do business with a consumer, nor does it want to supply single plants, but only large numbers. Our partner Den Mulder Nurseries makes no difference. He breeds with passion for government, architects, landscapers and private individuals. Den Mulder also contributes ideas in transport and advises on application, implantation and aftercare. We are happy to showcase Den Mulder’s offer on ourwebshop and thus make it accessible to everyone.


  • You have immediate results, you don’t have to wait 20 years for the ideal experience.
  • Your garden will immediately get a face and character, you will enjoy it faster.
  • Bees, birds and butterflies feel right at home.
  • The (subordinate) role for the other plants in your garden is immediately clear.
  • You are cheaper over the total garden experience time.
  • You are ‘free’, ‘out of the wind’ and ‘out of the sun’ faster.
  • There is a lot of choice and you immediately see what a tree or shrub will look like.
  • Selecting a special tree by size is a special experience.
  • The quality is very high and you get a growth guarantee based on the regulations complied with.
  • You directly contribute to the environment.
  • You do not buy more plants than necessary.


Go for top-quality plants and neat delivery throughout the Netherlands. View all trees and shrubs in our webshop!

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