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For many, sitting in the garden is already optimal enjoyment. It is increasingly becoming a place where we can be found a lot. But with a luxury garden house from Lugarde, it is a joy to go into the garden!

With 3 buildings in the Appeltern gardens, you can experience for yourself why Lugarde ‘s garden houses are an asset to any garden!

Andrea Wuestman of Lugarde says it very aptly:
“You don’t just buy a garden house, we love wood at Lugarde, we use sustainable wood of the best quality. This ensures that our summerhouses are of the best quality, we provide favorable priced customization by our own factory, without compromising on quality! Everything to give you a wonderful extra place in your own garden!”

There are an awful lot of suppliers of great products and structures in the garden, what makes a party like Lugarde so distinctive, and why should you go for this party in order to realize that feeling from the inside out?


Of course, every garden house supplier will say that they are the best party, have competitive prices, and indicate that they offer the best products. But what are the distinctive features of Lugarde, why should you have a garden house made here?

  1. Complete customization possible with the unique 3D Configurator
    . You undoubtedly already have a clear idea of what you want to do with your summer house. You want to lounge in the garden, comfortably in the shade and not in the full sun. You want to exercise in the garden, so a small fitness studio in the garden. Or you have growing children that you want to give a nice place to play games or get together with friends. 

    Just a few of the possibilities that a garden house can offer. With the versatile configurator from Lugarde you can decide for yourself how the garden house should look like and which rooms should be added. A partial garden house with a roof, or a completely closed garden house with a glass wall. The possibilities are truly endless! In this way you really make a summer house that meets all your wishes and you can therefore combine outdoor and indoor well.

  2. A competitive price that includes a lot as standard.
    You don’t put down a garden house for 2-3 years. You really want to add quality to your garden. That is why it is advisable to make smart choices in options. Because, do you get roofing for the garden house from every provider or do you have to arrange this yourself?
    Lugarde summerhouses come standard with many options . For example, the windows are fitted with HR++ double glazing as standard, the doors have a three-point lock and the roof shingles (with a pitched roof) or the EPDM roof foil (with a flat roof) are included in the price.
  3. First-class sustainable wood that lasts for years
    We already mentioned it at point 2, you want to be able to enjoy the luxurious summerhouse in your garden for years. It is important that high-quality wood is used. You don’t have to worry about that with this provider. They use wood from northern countries with a cold climate. As a result, the trees grow more slowly and finer annual rings are formed. This ensures an even and strong structure of the wood.

Nature is close to our heart and Lugarde. That is why it is fantastic that Lugarde’s houses are produced completely recyclable. For every tree they use, they plant an average of 1.2 trees back. So for every ten trees that are used, twelve are returned in its place. A very sustainable choice!

But, back to the trend outside is the new inside.
The further south you get in Europe, the more you actually get a good example. Think back to that holiday in France, Italy or Spain. Where does life take place? Exactly, outside!
That feeling of that holiday, that relaxed casual feeling, you want that in your own garden, right? We see the trend moving more and more north. Nice to meet up with friends, have something to eat and drink together or just relax outside. It’s nice to be in the open air!

How do you know for sure that you get that nice atmosphere outside? By bringing the comfort from the inside out too! That is possible with a good garden house, but it does not stop there.
Provide a good mix of furniture and looks. A nice lounge set, some good tables and nice decoration. And also think of the practical things, do you want an outside fridge, maybe a television, lighting and some speakers? Everything contributes to that nice feeling with the combination of indoor and outdoor! Can you see yourself enjoying your own garden?
Have you become enthusiastic and gain inspiration from us? You can come and see three different Lugarde buildings with us:

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