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We are happy with De Tuinen van Appeltern, such a beautiful country house with all the luxury and comfort to simply celebrate your holiday or enjoy a private dinner. Perhaps the best thing about the Bottino is that you can move it to another environment at any time if you wish.


There are major quality differences in the world of summer houses, canopies and country houses. The makers of Bottino Country Houses have gained their expertise in the world of transporting and packaging valuable equipment and machines. They know what it takes to be able to ship a vulnerable product all over the world without any problems. From that profession, they understand constructions, all material defects and, of course, how to put together structures so that they can be moved. The power and quality of the Bottino is not only on the outside and in the frame on which it is built. The walls and floors have also been carefully chosen for a long life and a good feeling.


The Bottino builders have thought carefully about how they can meet as many wishes as possible. In fact, every Bottino Country House starts with an empty base frame. This frame comes in two sizes. The frame in which to build is 10.5 L x 3.5 W x 3 H or it is 7 L x 3.5 W x 3 H in meters. There are of course a number of furnishing suggestions, but in principle every wish is possible. The location of windows and doors, the division of the total space in a kitchen, a bathroom or otherwise, everything is taken into account. In that sense you can give your own ‘meaning’ to the Bottino. More wellness, more outdoor kitchen, more office or more pure relaxation space, it’s all possible.


The Bottino is built to last and to shine ‘forever’. We work with thermally modified wood and other low-maintenance finishing materials that are easy to clean. Regular annual maintenance is not necessary. Naturally, environmental-saving components in the kitchen and bathroom are also taken into account in the interior with regard to heating, lighting and water supply.
The construction process takes place in a factory hall so that maximum efficiency and attention are standard with every part. The Bottino construction method is 50% faster than ever in the traditional way.


The Bottino Country House cannot of course be compared with a normal roof or garden room. The Bottino is modern, is large, is luxurious and perhaps the most suitable of all for being able to stay in it all year round. A big advantage is the portability. If you can get there with a crane, you can always remove your outdoor accommodation. This movability ensures that you almost always get a permit to place the structure. The location of the Bottino is, of course, a close call. The size requires extra attention when fitting into your garden. We make some suggestions, also take a look at ” garden buildings, playhouses, garden houses and roofs ”


Maybe plug and play is a better term or turnkey, but what it comes down to is that the Bottino arrives and placed completely according to your wishes, ready-made. In fact, a number of heavy tiles or screw piles in the right place are sufficient to land your outdoor accommodation and to be able to use it immediately. If you or your gardener ensure the correct integration with plants and the connections of electricity, water and sewage, the experience can start immediately.


Great to have such a workplace at home. An extra room in its own green outdoor environment. Here too the advantages of own input, portability, comfort and plug and play. An investment that easily pays for itself in work performance and pleasure. The Biophilic Design speaks everywhere, both indoors and outdoors.


The Bottino Buitenwoning can be seen in one of the more than 200 model gardens in De Tuinen van Appeltern. In the garden you get an impression of the size, the possibilities for use and the integration of the building into the garden environment. We are proud of the building and the specially landscaped garden. Everyone is welcome to come and have a look, to experience the atmosphere and to taste the space and garden.

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