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There is a huge range of garden houses, canopies, storage rooms and country houses. It is quite difficult to make the right choice if you do not have a complete picture. In De Tuinen van Appeltern there are now various variants of all kinds. In all those choices, we paid particular attention to those buildings with added value.


Most garden buildings and houses are traditionally made of wood. Now and then there are also combinations with aluminum, but in fact only the garden houses from Hermes are made entirely of metal. It has everything to do with the origin and composition of the products. At a time when it was still a bit quieter in the construction sector, the manufacturer of sandwich panels thought that its wall panels could perhaps also be used in the garden world. A designer set to work with the virtually maintenance-free panels and devised applications for fencing and buildings. The chosen approach is still embraced every day.


If you want to work as efficiently and cheaply as possible, as a designer of garden buildings with sandwich panels, you must continue to work within the widths and lengths of the regularly produced panels. Because that sustainable approach was chosen from the start, the compilers of the Hermes buildings now know exactly which bandwidths apply to garden owners with personal wishes for size and comfort. In fact, there are no restrictions because the bar jumps are always the starting point. The bandwidths mentioned also affect the window and door sizes. But it never leads to a perceived limitation, precisely because of the mathematical starting strategy. The applications are endless. With the Hermes design moduleyou are offered the opportunity to experience it yourself and to put together your own garden building within a few minutes.


Where wood sometimes wants to discolour, work and/or at least need to be maintained with oil or paint, Hermes structures are absolutely maintenance-free. The chosen sandwich panels are colorfast and UV resistant, just like in large industrial and public buildings. The plates can also take a beating. You don’t damage them easily, or it should be done intentionally. The metal hardness and selected finishing lacquers ensure that hardly any green deposits adhere to it, even under tall trees. The coating has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. Maintenance-free frames have been chosen as an extension of the panels. All you have to do is wipe the windows every now and then.


Because the same sandwich panels are used for the walls and the roof, you might expect a boring version, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although the designs and versions are simple in composition, they are also extremely modern and stylish. No unnecessary knick knacks and decorations, but solid constructive elements that absolutely fit into the contemporary garden image. Color matters a lot. Just like the overhang and position of windows and doors. Of course, this includes the right integration into the garden environment. Take a look at: Garden buildings, playhouses, garden sheds and canopies . It is now established that a growing number of garden designers and architects are discovering the added value of the metal garden building.


Because you can make 1001 things with the insulated sandwich panels as a basis, the Hermes buildings can be used in many ways. A simple storage room for storing your furniture and belongings, a roof with a closed area to also use as extra seating space, a conservatory-like garden building as extra living space and a garden office with a lot of green experience and work space. These are just a few functions that have already been extensively designed. There are various standard garden sheds and garden houses, but every wish or idea that goes beyond that is gladly given shape. The standard sizes are supplied as DIY kits. The custom garden buildings are installed exclusively by our own technicians.


It is of course quite sustainable to start from existing sandwich panels for the production of a new garden house line. But if you add to the full Cradle to Cradle composition, the extremely long lifespan and zero consumption of maintenance products, then you are really working sustainably with a Hermes building. The great thing about the insulated plates is that you don’t need a lot of energy to heat the room.


Hermes garden buildings are made of sandwich panels. Hermes has also made garden fences from these panels. In fact, the walls were there before the buildings. The advantage is now that you can create stylish partition walls with the same appearance as the building. The association with a garden wall is much greater than with a fence, the walls are just too beautiful for that. For more information, see ” Metal and aluminum garden fencing ”


In our park with more than 200 example gardens, two gardens have been decorated with a Hermes building and in addition, 4 garden fences have been placed in various garden situations.
If you want to get acquainted with the construction process and the experience of space in combination with the green environment, we cordially invite you to the Gardens of Appeltern .

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